Paris: Bonjour Mesdames!

Les Dames du Pantheon - Hotel ParisThere are many of you who are contacting us to get good tips regarding hotels in Paris. To complete our list of hotels (Maison Souquet, Paradis, Mama Shelter, 9 Hotel, Joséphine), here is a very cosy and well located one that we have recently tested. Les Dames du Panthéon is a four-star hotel situated in the heart of the historic 5th arrondissement (Saint-Germain) 35 rooms on six floors totally renovated 2 years ago, with a subtle mix of modern and retro design with feminine influence and touch. This hotel is really great value for money! We also recommend to have the french breakfast there which is really nice.

Les Dames du Panthéon
19 place du Panthéon
75005 Paris

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