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Timea from ObjektumLast week, we had the pleasure to meet the charming Timea, who is the owner of one of our favorite furniture websites: Objektum. We’ve just bought from her a nice vintage military bench totally renovated and it will definitely not be the last piece we will buy from her. She has so many nice treasures. So, we took this opportunity to ask her a few questions about her business:

Parisoslo: What is the concept of Objektum and how is your relation to the objects?:
Timea: I collect objects and furniture which seek functionalism and materialism. Everything from first mass production furniture (Thonet chairs) to well used industrial pieces. They have proven to us that they have the right to exist – they have been with us for a long time and we have a bound to them. What’s important to me in an object is its materialism and the balance between the function and the mass. Sometimes, I come across a huge steel cabinet or a big wood table which are almost impossible to lift up and manage but it is worth to care about them. These are strong and massive objects that will last for years, highlighting my interest for sustainability and recycling, like most of antique and vintage fans.


P.O: What can people find on your web-shop?
T: You can not very often find design iconic pieces at my place although I honor and love them. But, there are so many nice objects! We are becoming less and less bound to very famous brand names and designers. It’s more and more important now that your choice is conscious and is coming from your own identity and individuality. On Objektum, you will find unknown brands and small production series. I’m enthusiastic about the Bauhaus and Art Deco period, a lot of the items I’m selling are coming from that period and central-eastern Europe (like me).

For more information: Objektum

Pictures courtesy of Objektum



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