Oslo: Interview: Anna Seifert from the online gallery piQmo

Cederquist_Thebullandthesparrow_piqmoA few weeks ago, we were invited at the Norwegian launch of the online photo gallery piQmo.com which happened at the beautiful residence of the Swedish ambassador in Oslo. We had the pleasure to meet the very charming and talented Swedish photographer Anna Seifert who was one of the protagonist behind this event. We’ve asked her a few questions about her and this interesting online gallery.

piQmo_press_annaseifertParisoslo: What is your background?
Anna Seifert:  I’m photographer and entrepreneur. From january 2016 piQmo.com representative in Norway. I have a background as a photographer with operations in both Sweden and Norway. As freelance my business consists of mission-based photography as well as my own photographic art projects. My next upcoming exhibition is at Bølgen & Moi Briskby from May 25th together with 8 other photographers. In Oslo, I have held several photo exhibitions and also launched a couple of photo books. In addition, I have extensive international experience in banking at SEB as an account manager for large international companies. Now my work consists in supplying quality art photography to the Norwegian market through piQmo.com.

PO: What is Piqmo.com? What’s the concept?
 piQmo.com is a Scandinavian online gallery selling signed photographic art in limited editions in Sweden and Norway. piQmo loves photography and our aim is to make high quality photographic art accessible to everyone. Public interest in photography has never been bigger and piQmo.com provides an inspiring marketplace with contemporary photographic art where you can select size and frame and then get your favorite art piece delivered ready to hang on the wall, at a great price.  We believe that photographic art allows you to reinforce your identity, both in your workplace and at home. Previously, each and every photographer has sold and marketed their art themselves. piQmo.com is unique in that we gather all this art in one accessible site. Now, anyone searching for photographic art only needs to visit one place, piQmo.com.

Huseklepp_untitled11_piqmoPO: Who is behind this concept?
 piQmo.com is founded by swedish Paula Lidström and the site was first launched in Sweden october 2014. Paula holds an eduction in Art History from the University of Lund in Sweden and a fashion/design education from ESMOD in Paris, France. Paula has worked within Media, PR & Communication, Sales and Business Development both on the Swedish, Scandinavian as well as the European market.  Her experience ranges from assisting fashion designers in Europe and United States in younger years to leadership of sales forces and developing businesses for small and medium companies, mostly in the media sector.

PO: How do you select the artists?
That’s our little secret ; ) but I can say that it’s an extensive process where we look at everyone from up and coming talents to already established photographers. Our ambition is to have a wide range of photographers that all share a piQmo dna with high quality, high ambitions but an inclusive attitude. We provide photographic art, not framed posters so our photographers need to live up to the high artistic standards we demand. Finally, we also encourage our photographers to be active and visible on additional national and international arenas so that they can continue to expand their artistic reach whilst piQmo.com does the same.

instagram: @piqmo


Photos ©piQmo


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