Openning of a “gastronomical temple” in Oslo

Mathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comMathallen Oslo - photo ©parisoslo.comTrue aficionados of gastronomy can only have a large smile on their face and excited taste buds when they will enter the new and first food hall in Oslo. A place where you can find, among others, the best sellers from French delicatessen as well as great fishes, olive oils, spices… And you can also taste all these products on the spot in several bodega, tapas bars… And guess what ? It is opened on sundays. We already know for sure that we will spend many hours in this place in the future. What about you?

Les aficionados de gastronomie vont avoir le sourire aux lèvres et les papilles gustatives en émoi à la découverte de cet endroit : la première halle d’Oslo. On y trouve entre autres, des produits du terroir français et aussi du poisson, des huiles, des épices… Et cerise sur le gâteau, c’est ouvert le dimanche. On peut également déguster sur place dans les divers bodega et bars tapas. Bref, cet endroit va devenir l’un de nos QG … et vous?

Maridalsveien 17

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