Interior in Paris №1

How to make a functional  70  square meters apartment and how to maximize the space? Here are 6 tips from this charming and cosy place in the heart of the 15th district of Paris. A very pleasant family and shopping neighborhood in the west of the city, just a few minutes from St Germain des Prés.

Comment rendre fonctionnel un appartement de 70 m2 et y optimiser l’espace. Voici 6 astuces provenant de ce charmant et cosy endroit niché dans le coeur du 15ème arrondissement de Paris. Un quartier tres agréable, familial et commercant, dans l’ouest de la ville, à quelques minutes seulement de St Germain des Prés.

Tips n°1 : the wheels on the blue chairs from KA international

Tips n° 2 : The coffee table adjustable from Steiner

Tips n°3 : The polystyrene balls to avoid Parisian pigeons
to settle in the balcony’s plants

Tips n°4 : The small metal shelves to lay the spice jars in this tiny kitchen
and the wooden ones here below for storing books are from Ikea

Tips n° 5 : Wallpaper with vertical stripes to give a feeling of more height

Tips n° 6 : Sliding doors to save space

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